Mondays are hard for most folks. You come out of a blurry, boozy weekend to confront a cold,sober work week. It is probable you are hungover, and even possible you are still drunk. If this is the case, some hair of the dog is in order. On days such as this, one appreciates the ethos of Mad Men, because however sexist the workplace might have been, at least you could count on the office bar cart being well stocked and in reach. Unfortunately most workplaces today frown on a nip from the bottle, however medicinal it might be. So Open Tab is here to offer you a substitute. Each Monday will feature a song about drinking ,including Irish whiskey odes, sea shanties, and hip hop homages to gin and juice.

Today I invite you to enjoy the swinging sounds of Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, crooning about the delights of the grape. And if that doesn’t make you feel better, order a glass of vino at lunch. Just tell your boss it’s for your heart.