The Times Picayune just published its list of Best New Orleans Bars, a list that always generates equal parts nods of agreement and vociferous dissent. Regardless of your feelings about their selections, we can all agree that the patrons of an establishment are just a key to creating its vibe as the quality  of the drinks, the skill of the bartenders or the decor. This was something my co-author’s of the French Quarter Drinking Companion and I discovered in a our many months of drinking across the Quarter. It’s why we felt it was just as important to list the kind of people you would be drinking with along with the music on the speakers and the price of the drinks. Mr. Buck Owens seems to feel the same because even though this song is titled “Sam’s Place” what makes the joint jump are “shimmy shakin Tina from Pasedena” and “Hootchie Cootchie Hattie.” This is for all the bars out there and the people who make them what they are.